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Daily portraits: the dental unit

Cœur de Gazelles

Dentists and drills

The 4-member dental team is one of the largest of the caravan. Their work is not easy, as patients are often anxious on entering their “surgery”.
Patients often consult for a specific pain but end up requiring more care than anticipated. One, two, three, or even four teeth may be extracted. With the doctors’ care, they leave feeling much better.
The dentists also do a great deal of prevention: good eating and hygiene habits are essential for avoiding future dental problems.
Dental pain can be extremely intense, and some patients do not have their problem looked after for months, or even years.
The dentists receive expressions of deep gratitude in exchange for their services. It is for these looks and smiles that they return, year after year, to work with the Cœur de Gazelles team.

The dental team

First name: Johanna

Occupation: Dentist

Number of years with CDG: 6

Why did you choose Cœur de Gazelles? I found out about Cœur de Gazelles when I did the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles in 2012 with Géraldine. We decided, along with Marina (association president), to set up the donations unit in 2013 as a test. It worked well so we expanded the caravan with a dental unit. I like giving my time to people in need. Here, we provide care for people in a simple manner, with no fuss. I love Morocco, the ambiance, and we are fortunate to have good working conditions.”

First name: Géraldine

Occupation: Dentist

Number of years with CDG: 5

Why did you choose Cœur de Gazelles? “I got to know the association with Johanna when we did the Rallye. The test year was conclusive, so Marina decided to renew the operation the following year. The ambiance within the team is really great and every year we’re reunited with true friends. I come because it’s a good thing to make your skills available to people who need them.”

First name: Hicham

Occupation: Dental surgeon

Number of years with CDG: 6

Why did you choose Cœur de Gazelles? “One of my patients, who works with the organization of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, told me about the values of the event and its non-profit association. Despite certain limitations on the medical acts we can perform with the caravan, it’s easy to connect with the population. It’s a different way to practice our profession, and I always receive more than I give. The team is like a family, and I feel useful.”

First name: Jean-Christophe

Occupation: Dentist

Number of years with CDG: 6

Why did you choose Cœur de Gazelles? “Johanna and Géraldine are friends and former classmates, and they introduced me to the association. I only knew about the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, and I wanted to experience an immersion in Morocco. I immediately adored the adventure. Ever year, we find the same ambiance, the patients… Communication can be difficult because of the language barrier but we get a lot of smiles in return. I like being able to help people by providing relief.”




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